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California Government Code 

27550. Qualifications of County Surveyor

The surveyor shall be a person authorized to practice land surveying in this state. The surveyor shall be elected in the same manner and for the same term as other county officers unless the board of supervisors of the county shall have provided by ordinance for his or her appointment by the board. If so appointed, the surveyor shall serve at the will of the board.

27551. Keeping and furnishing copies of surveys.

The surveyor shall make any survey that is required by order of court of the board of supervisors. He shall keep a correct and fair record of all surveys made by him, number then in the order made, and preserve a copy of the field notes and calculations of each survey, and shall endorse thereon its proper number.


A copy of the survey and a fair and accurate plat, together with a certificate of survey, shall be furnished by him to any person upon application and payment of fees allowed by law.


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